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Today, with a loyal and experienced staff, we offer close and personal services. HS is actively involved in the sea, land and air transport sectors. Warehousing, stevedoring, forwarding and customs clearance services are provided. HS also represents the liner services to Denmark, The Netherlands and the UK as well as several coastal lines within all of Norway. In the period between April to December we have cargo vessel to and from Svalbard/Spitsbergen. 

HS has always been closely involved with the fishing industry in northern Norway, particularly for cod exports to Portugal and Spain. We provide the local industries and consumers in northern Norway with help in all issues/aspects regarding imports and exports. HS has many years of experience in customs handling and we strive to always keep up with development of customs legislations in the EU. We are up to date on all the rules and regulations that apply, meaning that you and your company's interests are in good hands with LHS and you can be assure that your customs administration is managed in a correct and professional way. 

 In 1996 a separate company, Holm Agency A/S (HA), was formed specifically to meet the growing demand for customs clearance services and port representation in Tromsø from Russian trawler and general cargo vessel owners.


We are located in the city of Tromsø, Norway. 

Our administration-, forwardingdepartment-,shipclearance- and charteringdepartment is located in Breivika.

Our Shippingterminal is located at Breivika Cargo Area, just outside the city centre. Building No 23.

‍Det opprinnelige selskapet, Otto Holms Sønner, hadde en lang historie innen selfangst, fiske, rederivirksomhet og skipsmegling i forkant til dannelsen av LHS


Adrianne M. N. Ubeda

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Martin Torneus

Sales and marketing manager
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Bodil J. Lauritsen

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Christina Madssen Hofsøy

+47 47 65 30 83Christina@holmshipping.no

Lena Little

Broker / forwarder
+47 93 01 15 12ll@holmshipping.no

Sverre Moen Hansen

Broker sea / road
+47 92 04 97 20sverre@holmshipping.no

Nils Alavillamo

Megler sjø/ veg
+47 47 60 75 73nils@holmshipping.no

Cathrine Richardsen

Carlos Jose Bonilla

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Simon Alexander Larsen

Rita Larsen

Chief Accountant
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